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Chinese food
     With elegant decor and a complete range of service facilities, the Chinese dining room specially engaged super cooks, offering dishes of Cantonese, seafood, Szechuan and some high-grade shark's fin according to your budget. Large grand banquet hall is the ideal location for wedding banquet and confe-rence reception. With an elegant and comfortable style, the 11 dining rooms are great places for family gathering and guests entertaining.
     The magnificent banquet hall holds all kinds of large buffet, cocktail, wedding and appreciation parties for 300 or less people. Guest will find worthy of royalty and this hotel a home from home.
The west lake hall
Peony hall
The banquet hall
Western food
     Western dining room is romantic and refreshing. Gathering the different kinds of flavor, guests will find this dining room an incredible impression while they mingle and share a meal.
     With emotional atmosphere of the south regions of the Yangtze River, West Lake hall can accommodate 80 people dining at once.
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