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     The hotel owns 231 various standard guest rooms (suites) and 343beds, of which 1duplex suite, 2 deluxe suites, 2business suites, 8 executive suites, 100 business single rooms, 3standard single rooms and 113 standard twin rooms. All rooms are equipped with domestic and international direct dial telephone, high speed internet, network TV, central air conditioning and 24-hour hot water supply. It also offers advanced monitor system, security and fire protection system which guarantee your safety.
      Business center provides professional secretaries, computers, air ticketing, letters, fax, photocopying and other services. The health center offers basic medical services. Commodity department provides a variety of gifts for the customers.
      There are 3 conference rooms in the customer area. Each room can hold 20 people. With simple and minimalist decor, they are the ideal places for leadership and business meetings.


Luxury suites Executive suite Business suite Standard double room Business single room Standard single room
Prices: 9800元 1680元 2880元 680元 780元 420元
Preferential price:
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